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super mom is (not) absolutely super on my opinion
Rabu, 06 Juli 2011 | 19.13 | 0comments
yahhh. .jujur saja yang ngetik judul pun gak tau mau mulai dari manaa. .

yang pasti ini sekedar curhatan kecil dari anak kecil macem ane. .

yang ngeti hebat. .i proud of you
yah. .always. .every time, and absolutely if the days letter have some agenda from OSIS or mybe my school. .my FRIENDS. .always give me question. ."what time. .how about dresscode. .ask to your mom please"i didnt hate that but. .if you have ear end have mouth for asking to my mom. .why you also give me message like that. .and i just wanna say like this. .my mom is just housewife in our fam. .but in school you know my mom. .im a student in the school. .and your friend too. .i also have question "am i your friend or my mom secretary ?" and you said. ."for easier to get information" please give me attantion. .heloooooo. .if there's quickness of course, you are to me. .if you wanna hang around you didnt ask me. .

hosh. .hoshh. .puas. .?? belum kalo gak ada yang mentindak lanjuti. .aku harap kalian ngerti. . :D

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